How we Motivate our Employees

As many businesses know staff motivation is very important to any company, it is an employee’s intrinsic enthusiasm and drives to accomplish activities related to work. Individual motivation is the internal drive that causes an individual to decide to take action. Employee motivation is a combination of fulfilling the employee’s needs and expectations from work and the workplace factors that enable employee motivation. One way in doing so is providing employee perks and team activities. This is something we have started to do more of and we have noticed a difference in our employees and the atmosphere in the company in general.

Team Activities:

Every second Friday we organise a team activity to give staff the opportunity to bond out with the workplace, relatively common in with most companies, however, you tend to find them out at a bar or restaurant after work. Here at A4 Scotland, we prefer to do activities that are slightly more exciting than sitting in a bar. And what activities do we do, I hear you ask? Sledging, Bowling, Go Karting, Laser Quest and whatever else takes our fancy that week. Every second Friday we try to change up the activity. Admittedly, Go Karting seems to be the more popular choice when it comes to activities.


Pizza Tuesday’s:

Alongside team outings, we also have pizza Tuesday. Because, well everybody loves pizza and sometimes Tuesday can feel worse than Monday, so what better way to motivate your team than some dough and melted cheese. In actual fact, we love coming into work on Tuesday knowing that we have a delicious treat at the end of the day.

Leaders weekend away:

Once every 3-4 months we like to take the top performers from the quarter away for the weekend, this could be anything from a weekend paintballing in Edinburgh, Go-Karting in Machester or renting a luxury house up the north of Scotland. Each weekend has been different and a great way for the top performers to network in a positive environment.

Nowadays, It is less common for a workplace to go above and beyond for their employees, perks of the job used to be more common years before the crash, nowadays companies are giving fewer employee perks leading to a disgruntled workforce. Here at A4 we do our best to make sure our employees are motivated and feel appreciated in the workplace.


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